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Tour De’ Course - Queensland” is a road touring rally with a combination of Speed Events, Auto-Tests, Circuit Sprints, Hillclimbs, and Transport sections and will take in  Lakeside Raceway , Mt Cotton Hill ClimbWillowbank Raceway and  Morgan Park Raceway. There will be a Gala Dinner during the event with a Presentation Dinner to be held at the conclusion. All sub-events will be conducted on bitumen roads and sealed venues. 

The Tour De’ Course will remain faithful to the balance of varied competitions at premium and challenging venues coupled with strong camaraderie and social events. 

Navigation? The format of this event is that there is no competitive Navigation. There are Transport Sections between venues and overnight stops. There is no need for a ‘Navigator’. A target time will be set for each Transport Section of the Event.

Classes? Classes will be: Classic up to 1975. Modern Classic 1976 – 1989. Modern 1990 – 2008. Super Cup - AWD/4WD and Porsche Cup - All Porsche (other than 356 and AWD Models). Any class that attracts less than three entries will be combined with the next most appropriate class at the discretion of the Organisers. Additional Classes may be added to reflect the Entry.

Licences? The Event shall be open to: Drivers that are holders of a current Civil Licence issued by a State or Territory of the Commonwealth of Australia and an AASA Club Racing Licence or similar. The CAMS L2S licence (or above) is acceptable.

Where? The 2013 TDCQ will be conducted in and around South East Queensland. For the main days, the event will be based in the Warwick area and then move to Mount Cotton Hill Climb concluding with a Presentation Dinner.

Style of Event?  The Tour De’ Course – Queensland (TDCQ) is a competition that caters for both Driver only or Driver and Co-Driver Entry.

20 Events! The TDCQ will offer 11 sub-events over three days. Each Competitor will have two runs per sub-event for Driver and Co-Driver (save for the Carnell Auto-Test and 200M Sprint) making a total of 20 timed sub-events for the competition. Every run is scored.

Type of Vehicles? Open to all Classic, Collectable and Performance cars.

Permit? The TDCQ will be conducted under the National Competition Rules of the Australian Auto Sport Alliance (ASSA) and will be scheduled as a Road Rally Event. The Event will be made up of Speed Events and Auto-Tests with Transport Sections in between venues and overnight stops.

Accommodation? The Organisers will provide Competitors with accommodation listings. Competitors will need to make their own accommodation bookings.

Meals? For Competitors, luncheon each day is included in the Entry Fee as will the mid-event meal and the Presentation Dinner. Extra tickets are available for Crew and Guests. Fees do apply. 

How Many Entries? Entry will be strictly limited to 50 Drivers (made up Drivers and Co-Drivers), first in best-dressed etc… No cross-entry accepted. Those Competitors not successful in obtaining an Entry will be advised and placed on the Reserves List.

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