Hi All,

As advised to Competitors on the CLIPSAL 500 Adelaide Rally, The 3 Peaks Rally for 2010 has been re-scheduled to its original date of the Queen's Birthday Weekend, 11 - 14 June.

The re-scheduling of The 3 Peaks is just part of the changes with our Events.

A new Event, the "Tour T' Sydney" will run from Victoria to New South Wales in the week leading up to the Sydney Telstra 500 at Homebush, 29 November through 2 December. This Event will be based on our Tour de' Course format, pioneered by Motoring Events, for Driver or Driver/CoDriver Entry, no Navigation sections as such but using great driving roads between venues. Full details will be released after Easter.

Therefore, the CLIPSAL Rally will continue to be aligned with whatever date the CLIPSAL 500 ADELAIDE is conducted (March), The 3 Peaks moves to June and Tour T' Sydney running in the last week of November gives a better spread of Events throughout the year.

Unfortunately, the "Tour De' Course - Queensland" Event (old Indy Rally) loses out in these changes. The Tour De' Course (Indy Rally) has been a struggle to conduct over the last few years. We have had very loyal support from our Queensland Competitors, however, Entry numbers have been slipping away, the availability of venues to provide a flowing schedule and the huge venue hire rates now demanded by some of the venue operators coupled with the need for dual AASA/CAMS Permits, to make use of available venues, has finally knocked the Event on the head.

We hope that Tour de' Course Competitors will look at the Sydney event as an alternative.